Benefits of Community Gardening

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How will you benefit from joining in with a community garden?

1. A Little More Exercise

Most people struggle to get enough exercise in the modern world. That's because so much of work and leisure activities involve sitting for hours on end.

Add to that the fact that many people don't especially like to exercise, and you have a recipe for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many other serious health conditions.

Community gardens provide an antidote to this with opportunities to get outside and move. Bending, stretching, lifting, pulling, shoveling and raking all make for marvelous exercise. You might even break a sweat, and your doctor will definitely approve.

2. Access to Healthier Food

Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas where access to fresh produce is limited. People in these areas who participate in a community garden not only get more exercise but also have readier access to heathier foods.

Plus, there is enormous satisfaction to be gained from growing your own fruits and vegetables. Few foods will ever taste better.

3. Local Beautification

Frequently, community gardens are located in underutilized areas, like a vacant lot or a park that is no longer being cared for. Community gardens are beautiful green spaces that revitalize these areas. No longer filled with trash and weeds, these lots become places where the whole community wants to gather.

4. Fostering a Sense of Community

Building a community garden brings disparate people together with a common goal. Whether they are growing flowers or produce, they all want to see the garden thrive. As people get to know each other better, they begin to see other things that they have in common, and they even begin to learn from each other's differences. A community garden can be a catalyst for improving the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood.

5. Opportunities to Learn

Community gardens are wonderful places to pick up new skills. Neighbors share their insights with regard to watering and fertilizer. Perhaps they will exchange healthy recipes, and conversations may veer toward topics that aren't gardening related.

That's OK. It's all an opportunity to learn from each other, and the community as a whole can benefit.

6. Reduce Neighborhood Waste

Working in a community garden similarly presents a marvelous opportunity to reduce waste across the neighborhood. This is mainly accomplished through a composting program. Food-related items such as egg shells, coffee grounds, potato peels and much more can all go into the compost bin rather than the trash bin. Accordingly, fewer items are going to the landfill. Now, they are being used to help grow more beautiful flowers and healthy produce.

7. Improved Economic Opportunities

Some community gardens are able to produce a surplus of produce and herbs. These items are hot commodities at farmer's markets. Locally grown items are healthier and more environmentally friendly. Plus, the people who are selling the produce gain valuable business experience that may help them find subsequent employment. In some neighborhoods, residents have even seen their property values increase thanks to the addition of a community garden.

We hope to build an app that you will enjoy chatting with your friends or other gardening hobbyists. We want you to enjoy gardening and become good at it.

Joshua Chaven

App Producer

Let us know if you are a gardening enthusiast and want to donate to our app. We are awaiting more funding to start the next phase of development

Joshua Chaven

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