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Gad - v. To move about especially in search of pleasure

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Our Goal

Gardening Social Network

Our goal is to create a gardening social network where people can share creative gardening ideas and tips on growing plants and vegetables.

Quick Consults

Ask the Experts

We will feature a section where you can ask experts any questions that you cannot get answered within the community.

Gardening Ideas

Share Pictures

Share pictures with each other so you can have new gardening ideas.

Activity Notifications

Keep up to date with what your friends are liking and sharing

Custom Schedules

Set up custom schedules to remind you to water your plants or fertilize your plants

Identify Diseases

With our photo galleries, you will be able to identify any diseases or pests that grow on your plants

We hope to build an app that you will enjoy chatting with your friends or other gardening hobbyists. We want you to enjoy gardening and become good at it.

Joshua Chaven

App Producer

Let us know if you are a gardening enthusiast and want to donate to our app. We are awaiting more funding to start the next phase of development

Joshua Chaven

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